Integrated Fire Protection Service

ORICSUN ICTS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD has contributed to the safety of society through fire protection systems and various services with a sense of mission to protect lives and properties from fire.

ORICSUN’S mission is to ensure that people have effective fire protection so they can enjoy safe and comfortable lives.To this end, we have established an intergrated series of services that assumes consistent responsibility for giving customers the best fire protection system for their needs.



The first step in providing fire protection is to understand the customer’s specific requirements. We conducts detailed analyses of the customer’s premises to evaluate important environmental factors and potential fire hazards.


After designing an appropriate fire protection system, our specialists install the new system. ORICSUN’s abundant experience in installing fire protection systems ensures that work proceeds quickly and smoothly.



ORICSUN ICTS TECHNOLOGIES maintenance service give customers extra safety assurance. We ensure that existing systems work properly. Also, we check the appropriateness of existing systems in the event of a change in the occupancy or installation conditions of a building.