CCTV Camera Installation, AMC & Rental Services in Delhi NCR, Greater Noida and Different locations of Uttar Pradesh

CCTV Camera Installation & AMC Services (Security Solutions)

CCTV cameras are one of the important elements in securing our businesses and daily lives. We provide design and installation of end-to-end CCTV security systems right from cameras (both analog & IP) to network to NVR’s to server/storage to power backup solution to monitoring solution etc. We also provide wireless camera solutions; we have everything you need to customize your business security. We provide Best Performance Surveillance Security Systems at competitive price.

ORICSUN ICTS Providing Highest Quality CCTV camera, Safety and security systems as per customer need. Security Systems is very important because it is a very volatile environment and that it contributes a lot to a country’s progress.

CCTV Mobile DVR Services for Bus, Taxi & Ambulance :-

We provides the best & affordable CCTV Camera and GPS Service for School bus,Taxi and Ambulance

school authorities can monitor the behaviour of children and driver in school bus, track the location of bus, stoppage of bus at the designated point and other details.

Protect Drivers, Reduce Crime and make your Transport system safe. Which help in increasing performance & productivity.

Rental Services: –

We also Provide CCTV Camera Rental Services. CCTV Camera Rental periods can be as short as 1 day and as long as you need. ORICSUN is the leader in CCTV Camera Rental, DVR hire and CCTV lease with current leading brands available in stock. Whatever you need in CCTV Camera Rental and DVR Hire, ORICSUN will satisfy your requirements. When looking for a CCTV Camera Rental company, you will find ORICSUN is the most intelligent choice in CCTV Camera rental services.

Why should you hire equipment: –

There are several benefits associated with RENT with Option to Buy:

  • At the occasion of corporate, trade-show, meeting, conferences, exhibitions. It’s rather cheap to buy. It is a great tool to avoid unnecessary expenses and transportation of equipment.
  • Quick / Economical solution in case of theft or break up of equipment in use.
  • Most appropriate solution for short term needs events, busines meetings, conferences, projects etc .
  • Avoid being locked into long term leases or ownership of equipments when the equipment can become outdated.
  • No need to carry CCTV Camera, DVR, Cable, Hard disk or any other equipments for exhibition in another town.
  • Quick on-site service in case of break downs.
  • Customers can keep themselves updated with latest systems & technology in industry.
  • Easy updating of equipment instead of buying.
  • The rental is off balance sheet unlike a loan, making applying for other finance easier.
  • No capital outlay. Capital preservation for primary business.
  • A lower initial cost of investment.
  • The ability to upgrade as your business grows.
  • Monthly rental fee covers additional costs, e.g. maintenance and service.
  • Flexible hire contracts – cctv camera service & backup of activities for as long as you need to
  • Pay as You Use The Equipment

Rapid delivery of equipment’s: –

Corporate, trade-show, meeting, conferences, exhibitions and event rentals are our specialty. We service large and small corporations and conventions in Delhi-ncr, Noida & other parts of Uttar pradesh. We offer “turn-key” service, complete with on-site personnel and support when needed.

Get the latest and the best. We provide top brand CCTV Camera rental services in Noida & many other parts of Uttar Pradesh.

CCTV Camera Rentals are great if you need temporary CCTV in a stationary context. For example, if you are running a temporary office or training facility, renting CCTV Camera is a highly cost efficient alternative to purchasing. ORICSUN Agent will handle installation, renting full sized units can be easy and impressive to your users.

AMC services of CCTV camera hardware in Delhi NCR, Greater Noida and Different locations of Uttar Pradesh : –

We have rich experience of 6 year with Corporate Offices, Manufacturing Industries Offices, Hotel, School & Govt. industry and our technical professionals have a good experience of troubleshooting, Backup, installation and configuration of CCTV Camera. Apart of professional Team, we have strong assets and inventory management to provide better and quick service to our client.

The scope of AMC services for maintenance can be diversified as follow:

  1. Facility Management Services: Security Facilities Management Services from ORICSUN. involve an effective combination of people, process and tools to ensure that your security infrastructure is always up and running .We undertake complete responsibility of ensuring availability and performance of your security Infrastructure . In Facility Management we provide Call Management, Vender Management, Maintenance Support Services, Hardware Asset Management, Network Management, Helpdesk Services etc.
  2. Inventory Management : We are providing sufficient stock of hardware and component to

provide better services to our offices and resident engineers.

Our Strength

ORICSUN has a team of qualified and trained service professionals, who are providing AMC services and support in the following areas:

AMC Services: –

High End Servers   : Support for all brands of Cameras

DVR                          : All types of DVR

TRC                          : Component level repair of Camera, DVR , LED & power supply

Call Logging           : 24 x 7 Telephonic Support